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Over the Rainbow

Leave the comic books and slingshots at the door – this isn’t the kind of tree house where one might expect to find Bart Simpson. San Francisco designers Andrew Fisher and Jeffry Weisman have conjured something decidedly grand. Their fabulous folly of a tree house, a short distance (but a world apart) from the couple’s weekend home in Sonoma, revels in the eccentricity of its décor. The design strikes a deliciously aberrant note of glamour in the rustic landscape. It’s like Dorothy’s bleak black-and-white farmhouse after it crash-lands in the polychromatic world of Oz. In this fantasy, however, a piece of Oz has dropped in on Kansas.

From the exterior, the redwood structure, suspended between the two soaring fir trees, appears as rugged and unaffected as a classic suburban tree house (albeit one on steroids). “As the redwood ages, it will disappear more and more in the tree branches,” Weisman explains. “We wanted to save the surprise for the interior.”

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